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Who We’ve Helped

AngelinaAngelina is a pretty, 10 year old girl who recently had a stroke. This tragic event left her with physical and cognitive deficits. During this time, Angelina’s father was laid off from his job and her mother had her own health issues to deal with. The family feels blessed that Angelina is alive and they have tremendous faith that she will continue to progress, but this situation has taken its toll on everyone. The financial concerns have been overwhelming for Angelina’s par-ents. Even buying gas to get to therapy appointments three times a week has been difficult.

The Paul Jackson Fund helped pay for household bills and living ex-penses, which gave relief and hope to this family.

Craig is a husband and father of three boys. Craig is battling Non Hodgkin’s Lym-phoma and is currently undergoing stem cell treatment. Craig is unable to work and his wife can only work part time in order to be able to take care of him. Craig and his wife make frequent trips to a distant hospital for treatments. Trying to make ends meet, the couple began to sell off their possessions, including their wedding bands. Needing help with their medical and household bills, they turned to The Paul Jackson Fund. The Fund was able to lift their burden during this trying time.

TylerTyler is a delightful five year old boy. Tragically, he was the victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome at the hands of his mother when he was an infant. This unthinkable, violent act caused Tyler to suffer a stroke and left him with extensive brain damage. Not expected to live, Tyler has defied the odds and has continued to exceed expectations. Though left with cognitive deficits and some medical problems, he is learning and growing.

Tyler has limited speech and had become increasingly frustrated with his ina-bility to communicate. He resorted to harmful behavior like banging his head against the wall and acting out, when he couldn’t get his point across. Tyler’s adoptive mother researched augmentative communication devices and dis-covered “The Talker”, which uses pictures to “speak”. A trial with this ma-chine showed how much it helped Tyler to communicate. His frustration level decreased and a sense of calm returned. Tyler’s mom could not afford the machine and her efforts to find funding for it were not successful. The Paul Jackson Fund partnered with the Union County Rugby Football Club, which organized rugby teams throughout the county to raise funds to help pay for Tyler’s Talker.

WILWIL, an active little boy, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his left femur just days before his 5th birthday. In October 2008, Wil underwent surgery to remove the tumor, amputate and reconstruct his leg. Intensive rehabilitation and future prosthetics changes will follow as Wil grows. Wil has received chemotherapy and at present, is cancer free. The Paul Jackson Fund assisted Wil’s family with medical and household expenses.

“We will be forever grateful to Paul and his family for what they did for Wil and our family. I truly believe that there are people who are put on this earth to help other people and we always thought that Paul was here with us for that reason.”

-Wil’s Mom

VictorAt the age of three, VICTOR came down with a high fever which led to a seizure. Victor was taken to the hospital where his family was told that their son may not make it. Though left with some brain damage and limited motor skills, Victor, now 11, attends a special school. In order to get Victor out of the house, Victor’s family members would either carry him or lay him on an old door and slide him carefully down the stairs. The Paul Jackson Fund made it possible to have a vertical lift installed outside Victor’s home and to purchase a Hoyer lift to get Victor out of bed safely.

“We lack the words to express our sincere appreciation. We are speechless. Thank you for everything.”

-Victor’s Dad

CodyCODY has been a quadriplegic since being struck by a car 15 years ago. Cody was suffering from understandable depression and found immeasurable help through journaling, poetry and painting. When Cody’s computer crashed, The Paul Jackson Fund paid for a new laptop. The Fund also made it possible for Cody to enroll in writing and painting classes at a program in the arts designed for people with disabilities.



DanielAfter suffering a stroke during surgery, DANIEL,12 years old, spent three months in a coma during which time, his mother, a single parent, never left his side. Daniel is now wheelchair dependent and has a trach. Daniel only leaves the apartment when medical transportation is arranged to take him to doctor’s appointments. The Paul Jackson Fund is donating Paul’s van to the family. The Fund has also assisted with outstanding medical bills.



JACK is suffering with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease). As his illness has progressed, The Paul Jackson Fund has provided assistance to Jack and his family. During a follow up meeting at their home, they were reluctant to mention that Jack’s computer had broken and that they needed help with the utility bills. The Fund assisted the family with these basic needs.

“Thank you so much. I don’t know what we would have done without your assistance.”

-Kamila, Jack’s 23 year old daughter


DEBRA was suffering the effects of complications from a weight loss surgery she had a number of years ago. Unable to work, she lost her job and her health benefits. After a lengthy hospitalization, Debra is working to build her health back up. The Paul Jackson Fund assisted with some household bills.

“The money you gave has really helped. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”



ROGER, a quadriplegic whom the fund assisted last year, recently turned to The Paul Jackson Fund for help. He let us know that he needed a new mattress overlay which would lie on top of the mattress and circulates air to help prevent bedsores. The Fund was happy to purchase this item for Roger.

“Thank you for the items that you got for me. That made my living situation a little easier. You are doing a great thing. Continue doing what you are doing. Thank you very much.”



DIANA was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Waldenstrom’s Marroglobulinemia, a rare cancer. Diana was already dealing with the tragic loss of her husband, who passed away just prior to her diagnosis. With two children to support and unable to work because of her illness, medical and household bills have been mounting. The Paul Jackson Fund assisted Diana with her outstanding medical bills.

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