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Our History

In 1989, Paul Jackson, at age 28, underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his spinal cord. Paul, a life-long athlete, was left paralyzed. When the insurance company would not cover his rehabilitation program, the medical bills began to mount. His family and friends rallied together to raise money for Paul. And with that, The Paul Jackson Fund was born.

With time and support from The Paul Jackson Fund’s various fundraisers, Paul’s health stabilized. Although he remained paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair, he no longer depended on finances from The Fund. Experiencing such compassion and generosity from family and friends motivated Paul, and he decided to do everything in his power to help others. His own personal tragedy became his inspiration — he now had a calling. Paul took full control of The Paul Jackson Fund and set out to raise money and create a charity of last resort — a safety net for people whose needs had become so dire they had nowhere else to turn.

After nearly 20 years of dedicating his life to The Fund, Paul’s cancer returned. This time he was unable to overcome it and passed away in February of 2009. His dream and only wish was for the work of The Fund to continue. Paul’s family and friends are fulfilling that wish. With your help the work of The Paul Jackson Fund will continue helping those who have run out of options, who have nowhere else to turn. With your help Paul’s mission will endure.

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